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Family Pictures

chuppah Our wedding, Nov. 29, 1992.

Binyamin, born Sept. 19, 1993. Age 7 weeks.

Age 6 months.

1 year old and opening his first birthday card.

Age 4. He likes hats.

Age 5, at his pre-K birthday party.

Age 6. Reading to one of his friends.

Age 6.

Age 6. The next Issey Miyake?

Age 7.

View of Jerusalem from my kitchen window, after a snowfall.


Isn't this amazing, folks? This cactus blooms about once every three years (for me, that is; maybe other growers are more successful) and the blossom measures about 12" wide and 8" deep. It lasts for only one night and is completely wilted by morning.

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