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On August 17, 1999, I was surfing and stumbled onto Joan Stark's ASCII Art Gallery (sorry--I'd give a link but the URL has changed). I was stunned by the detail and imagination of her designs. While browsing through the "Religious Symbols" section, I found lots of crucifixes, Holy Families, angels and other Christian symbols but only a Star of David and a hanukkiyah (but what a hanukkiyah!) to represent Judaism. On the way home I wondered whether I could try designing Jewish ASCII art. I started that afternoon and most of the stars and Rosh Hashanah designs are my first doodlings. I'm strictly a beginner. I did not use a software program to do these designs.

Obviously you will need to be able to read a fixed-width font like Courier. If you copy and paste to a word processing program or e-mail, make sure that the font is Courier, 10 or 12 pt.

So what's it good for? Weeelllll, other than occupying more of my time ;-), you can use them as e-mail greetings for friends who don't have web access or are too busy to log onto a site and download a nifty multimedia card. Small drawings will fit into a sig. Some designs are suitable for kippa crochet, cross-stitch, other counted-thread embroidery and any charted needlework. You can collect them, print them, line the bird cage with them. I won't go so far as to say that the possibilities are endless but those are some options.

I can't promise that I'll be able to get through the whole calendar since some holidays are a lot more "graphics-intensive" than others but this is a start. You are welcome to use them for personal, non-profit purposes. All I ask is that you leave my initials (~AP~) intact on the designs.

I'll try to update this collection as time allows, so please come back!


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