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Star of David Bookmark

I'm a self-taught tatter and this is my first attempt at designing a tatting pattern. I made it for the 2001 Arachne bookmark exchange. Click on the thumbnail at left for a larger view and the pattern.

Anne Orr Baby Bonnet

I tatted this bonnet while my husband was doing reserve duty. I was having a miserable time and really needed some distraction! The pattern is from Tatting with Anne Orr (Dover Publications), p. 12. Worked in DMC Cordonnet Speciale 50, completed March, 1999.

Blue and white Bookmark

I tatted this doily in exchange for some tatting thread (I wish I could remember who I gave it to!). The basic pattern is Christine Eisler's Dhamana bookmark, done in two colours, with a ribbon threaded through the center loops. The thread is perle 8 cotton.

Leigh's Celtic Bookmark

This was a birthday present for Leigh Witchel. It is an adaptation (translation: I ran out of the house without the pattern one day and had to improvise the last round) of LaRae Mikulecky's Celtic Bookmark, which is itself an adaptation of Rosemary Peel's Celtic Motif. The thread is Anchor 12 pearl cotton. LaRae's pattern will appear in Georgia Seitz's new book.

Note to other tatters: you really should check out LaRae's page if you haven't seen it yet-- lots of information, pictures of great tatting, patterns and links to suppliers.

Pim's Bookmark

This was for Pim Rietbroek's 39th birthday. Ever work on a piece that seems jinxed? First, the thread: this bookmark is worked in LBH 40. The colours are beautiful, it was the only size 40 thread I had and it was a challenge (misery?) to tat with. I finally managed to tame it by letting the shuttles spin every time I drew out more thread. The pattern is from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns, worked with two shuttles instead of the single shuttle called for in the original pattern. Why? If you look at the outside chains, you'll notice that the picots are on the same side as the rings. Chains tend to twist when they are arranged that way, so I used two shuttles to solve this design weakness. A week after I finished this bookmark, I took it out to block and starch it, only to find it had disappeared. So this is its twin, worked very quickly!

Sonia's Bookmark

This was made for Sonia Gantman-Vilvovsky, a member of our local knitting guild. The pattern is "Black Magic," from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns.

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