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First Doily

I recently started to teach myself circular netting from Jules and Kaethe Kliot (eds), The Art of Netting (Berkeley, CA: Lacis, 1989) about two weeks ago and this is the result so far. It's nothing to write home about but I'm pleased that I actually finished a small doily. It measures 9.5 inches in diameter (that's why the edges didn't quite fit on the scanner) and was netted with size 50 cotton sewing thread. Next time I'll try a better quality thread which may have less of a tendency to curl at the edges.

Second Doily

This is the second netted doily which I've completed. I used DMC Retors d'Alsace (Broder Machine) 30 and found that it was a very good thread for netting. It doesn't tangle easily and it holds good firm knots. The only disadvantage is that it is nearly impossible to unpick a knot, even with a fine pin. Any mistakes have to be cut off. This doily measures 10" in diameter.

Althea (aka AdmiralTAG) looked at it and remarked, "It looks just like a chapel veil!" Never mind. We still speak to her.....

First Sampler

This is my first sampler. I didn't scan the edges because they tend to look crummy when the work is laid out on a flatbed scanner. Worked in Vog perle 8 cotton.

Second Sampler

This piece was designed to look a bit like a landscape-- sky above with gold in rose ground and plant-like designs in green near the bottom. Vog perle 8 cotton.
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