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Fiber Judaica Links


  • Alice Nussbaum. Alice's Needlepoint . [US]


  • Adina Gatt. EFOD Art Embroidery . [Israel]

  • Sara Harwin. Judaica by Sara Harwin . [US]

  • Joan Kaplan. Jewish Embroidery by Joan Kaplan . [US]

    Silk Painting

  • Joy Chertow. Joy of Silk . [US]

  • Nancy Katz. Eye of the Needle . [US]

  • Lifeline for the Old (Yad Lakashish). Non-profit organization to assist elderly and disabled Jerusalemites. Workshops for silk painting, embroidery and weaving, Judaica for sale. [Israel]

  • Corinne Solkin Strauss. Painted silk chuppot . [US]


  • Yehudit Avraham. Fiber Judaica . [Israel]

  • Phyllis Kantor. Judaic Weaving . [US]

  • Steven Medwin. Original Handwoven Judaica . [US]

  • Orna and Yair Moore. Fine Israeli Crafts/Weavers' Workshop . [Israel]

  • Moocho Scott Salomon. Handweaver of Judaic Textiles . [US]

  • Shizre Kodesh. Ceremonial Weaving and Tallitot . [Israel]

    Other techniques

  • Elsa Wachs. Judaic Artwork - Synagogue Adornments . Quilting, embroidery, thermography. [US]

  • Fern Wayne. Fern Wayne Designs . Double knit jacquard tallitot. [US]
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