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Bobbin Lace


kittel Like many Jewish men, my husband wears a kittel for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and the Passover seder. A kittel, if you haven't run across one before, is a kind of lacy labcoat. It's one of the few opportunities when I can make something out of lace for my husband and it will be worn proudly, not hidden in a drawer. Since it's a rather coarse lace (this isn't a baby gown, after all), I worked an adaptation of Dorothy Southard's Thorn edging in Bockens linen 30/2. I have not included a closeup of the lace because it's nothing extraordinary.

Evening Bag

evening bag This evening bag was made for Leigh Witchel's Great Knitter's Raffle of 1998. The motif is worked in silk, linen and gold metallic thread. The bag is handmade of black rayon satin and the lining is fuschia satin.


I don't consider these to be one of my most successful endeavours but I learned about what not to do when making earrings. The frame is copper wire and the filling is DMC metallic gold. The beads are glass seed beads.
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