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Bobbin Lace

Torchon Bookmark

This bookmark is based on an edging designed by M.v.d. Linden-de Voogd, The Netherlands. Jacqui Southworth of Fleetwood, UK, adapted the edging to make a bookmark. Contact her if you have questions about the pattern. I worked it with 30 pairs of Tanne 50 cotton and perle 8 cotton gimp.

Cluny Handkerchief Edge

I started this edging in December 1998 for a bobbin lace demonstration/lecture at the Dec. 31 meeting of the Jerusalem Fiber Craftsmen, at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. The pattern is from Pamela Nottingham, Bobbin Lace Making, worked in Bockens 50/2 linen. It was completed in February 1999.

Beds Medallion

This medallion was done with Broder Machine 50 and the pattern is from Pamela Nottingham's Making Bobbin Lace book. My leaves still have a way to go but they're a lot better than when I began! I will probably mount this as a brooch. The medallion measures 3 x 2 cm.
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