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Bead Work

This was my first attempt at freeform work (fringes and ruffles) on a bottle. Inspired by a photograph in Creative Bead Weaving. I will have to reinforce the bottom of the "collar" with more thread because the weight of the beads hanging from it is causing the beads to separate.

Brick Stitch Bag

brick stitch bag 1 1.25 x 3.25 inches, including fringe. This bag is worked in brick stitch and was my first attempt at beadwork. The beads are size 11 seed beads, the thread is ordinary polyester sewing thread. It's just large enough to hold my house key. It was inspired by an article in Threads magazine.

More Brick Stitch Bags

brick stitch bags I made a few as gifts and gave them away.

Mezuzah Case

mezuzah case I designed this mezuzah cover before I discovered beaders' graph paper on the Web. The Hebrew letter "shin" (an abbreviation for one of the names of God) is in gold and the background is irridescent blue, with solid blue bands at the ends. I did the beadwork in brick stitch, then basted it to a piece of interfacing, which I glued to a piece of needlepoint canvas, making sure that the glue didn't touch the beadwork. The canvas was then glued to the outside of a cheap plastic mezuzah case and the ends covered with a heavy gold foil. That's all there was to it.
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