More Videos


    These videos are all "homegrown". 


     They are from a small town, produced by homegrown people for a homegrown purpose-- to warm the heart and share a healing knowledge 

of love and service for inner healing and wholeness... 

   Lokahi, A Hawaiian way of Harmony 




  Warm Fuzzies...


     This little teddy bear video set to music grew out of the Breaking Free recovery art 

    series for healing from the effects of the dysfunctional family and childhood abuse



            More videos are on Lucky's new Blog 



           Blog for Body, Mind, Spirit and our World! 


      for Heart and Soul...



This next video is part of a pet project to help heal domestic abuse.




          Many more videos from varied sources -- Lucky's Blog for Body, Mind and Spirit and sites for

          Thinkers, seekers, rebels, Lovers & a better World

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