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                        Unity is most urgent for our planet.


                   Anything less is as a band-aid on an open wound.

                  The people of the earth must also come home to Spirit

                      for the needs of Unity and Healing...





                  Visit Lucky's new Blog Site—

                      About What Matters

                                         for Body, Mind, and Spirit-- & Our World!


                        Unity & Spirit hold vital truths  

                                              for ourselves and all humanity.

                          is for Seekers, Rebels & Healing Hearts


                                   with tools from many Spirit-ways and faiths, free classes, and more... 






                                    For Inner Healing click Video Views



                     For  ACAHealing videos for adult children of 

                      abuse or family dysfunction.

                       click Videos at




         Lucky's  "Art-ventures" are for Unity and Spirit, Oneness & Recovery

                         with Books & free PDfs for Spiritual rebels, our world & more.


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