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Board Game Review

‘Bezzerwizzer’ another win for trivia buffs
By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

The key to coming out on top in any trivia activity is not necessarily knowing everything, but just being able to know more answers to questions in your rounds than others who play. This board game genre can on some days make us all feel like geniuses and on others make one feel as dumb as a sack full of hammers.
Thankfully, everyone is bound to get something right eventually and in this offering from Mattel, you may find out your knowledge goes farther than you previously thought. Perhaps the biggest plus I found when playing this in a group full of people is that there is always a way to turn the tide and if you play your moves right, being tricky can beat witty any day. “Bezzerwizzer” does have many generic qualities, but is easy to learn and fits in to any setting.
The game at first comes off as being a lot like “Trivial Pursuit” in that you have a certain number of categories from which you can probe your cranium. The key differences however, quickly become apparent with far more possibilities with this game’s 20 categories and the time it can take to play.
Participants are given questions that aren’t simply crammed into a vague area and after you get to know each of the many categories it helps one better get into the right mindset. You can either have four people or four groups if you have a crowd and during play each person or group attempts to move a game piece by getting correct answers worth one through four points. Of course, the fun increases since you draw at random what categories (four at a time out of a bag) you answer questions from until someone gets to the final board spot... not to mention the tactics you can use to slow your opponents advances on the board like swapping (with what are called zwap tiles) categories or answering something your game foes cannot (using what are called Bezzerwizzer tiles). The average game time can be well under an hour.
While I won’t say that this is my favorite Q&A battleground, any title that can help people laugh at their lack of brain power gets my approval. The questions are appropriate for just about any age, though kids might not quite relate as much as adults.
For those who can only handle a few rules at a time, I recommend starting by just letting people get familiar with what they’ll face with a few sample questions. This game should be available just about anywhere board games are still tucked away in stores as well as online. Since my brain is still there enough to write a review I’d say “Bezzerwizzer” earns four out of six Zwaps.

 Images are copyright of Mattel.

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