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Michael Vick Begins Legal Action Against Comedy World
By Grey Sports

Of the many things that have been said about Michael Vick recently the growing description “humorous” is perhaps the one that will haunt us most.
No celebrity, let alone one involved in a scandal, should be a stranger to becoming fodder for comics around the world. The fact that Mozart jokes are as timeless as his music should be warning of that fact, and the less said about Julius Caesar and turning around at the wrong moment the better.
However Michael Vick, athlete, star, dog fight enthusiast, problem gambler and third tier choice to judge American Idol, is tired of being used to further other people’s careers.
Michael Vick is demanding that he be respected and is now trying to launch a legal suit against comedy in general, to have himself declared off limits.
Numerous public figures from celebrities to politicians are keeping a close eye on this. Clearly it would infringe upon freedom of speech laws, however with paparazzi hounding celebrities, mostly young women, literally to death, debate has opened up on the subject.
Michael Vick is being much more specific at the moment, he is looking to stop all references to him as “top dog” – terms like “number one” or “head honcho” would be acceptable alternatives, or as “the Leahman Brothers of Football” would be banned.
Comedians in general are not taking this too seriously, and most callously point to Vick’s increasingly desperate financial situation as motive. The feeling is that either he is trying to drum up some extra cash to pay for the puppies or he is lashing out because he can’t watch the dogs go at it anymore.
Vick is reportedly taking this very seriously, feeling that reputation and respect go hand in hand and that any tarnishing may impact on his earning ability as his career enters its later years.
Considering how Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan and Oscar the Grouch have fared lately this is a legitimate concern, however it is one that plays less well than dead young women, and even that is fodder for most stand up comics.
At the same time, Michael Vick himself is not proving too helpful, what with comments such as these:
“I don’t have a gambling problem, I have a problem with the media hounding me, I have a problem with everything I say coming back and biting me, it’s as if words have become rabid.”
The comedy world has reportedly executed a collective face palm at this statement, and is now considering settling out of court to get Vick to stop talking and doing their job for them.

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