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World Cup Referee In Bizarre Conspiracy
By Grey Sports

The Football World Cup has grabbed people’s attention like nothing else this decade. China is sulking because its Olympics effort is already forgotten, though they are grateful that they still get a mention, unlike the thing in the place with the stuff.
South Africa has prided itself on the level of security and safety it has provided, however no one could anticipate everything.
While riots, terrorism and free flowers have all been neatly capped it has been revealed that the US/Slovakia game was a mild to moderate security risk.
It turns out that one of the referees during that match was an unregistered Mad Scientist who specialises in weaponising sports.
Which referee it is has not been released, all personnel have been detained for further investigation.
US officials are outraged at discovering this only after the match, claiming that a number of their citizens could have been killed by a nuclear soccer ball.
Authorities have tried to downplay this, stating that this particular Mad Scientist weaponises sports in general, not equipment. At most US citizens would have been turned into freakish soccer themed mutants.
While the World Cup has not been disrupted and spectators are taking the threat of becoming hideously deformed freaks based on a sport in their stride, questions are being asked about the effectiveness of background checks of game officials.
This particular Mad Scientist is a fringe operator and a low threat, it is feasible that he could pass most security screening as his activities have been largely off the grid, aside from one large scale cricket game played in Mobile, Alabama, which so freaked out residents that it was first thought to be a hallucinogenic gas attack.
Commentators have pointed to this as the latest in a growing list of concerns about who is officiating at these matches. Four other referees have questionable backgrounds. One was a former minion of a James Bond villain, two have ties to the Weekend IRA and the fourth is a Michael Jackson fan.
Security operators have adamantly denied any responsibility, pointing out that screening officials is outside their concern.
Organisers of the World Cup have defended their choices, all four were open and honest about their ties and have shown a genuine dedication to their duties. The Michael Jackson fan even threatened to red card an entire team for an impromptu, coordinated Moonwalk on the anniversary of the singer’s death.
None of this changes the fact that a maniac with a sports fetish has been running around the games. If he is any good, which does not appear to be the case however, then any number of seats, equipment, uniforms, individuals or even teams could be rigged to explode in a shower of sporting paraphernalia.
Reassurances have been thin. Security will be extra vigilant but if an Iron Man or, God forbid, a Batman scale villain were to attempt mischief then disaster could follow.

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