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DVD Review:‘Cop Out’ shows Kevin Smith hasn’t forgotten goofy roots
By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

If I had to compile a list of must see films for 2010, a buddy cop feature would not even scratch the top ten. Even less likely would be a rush to pay even rental fees for a work by the very talented Kevin Smith.
Now, I am not really opposed to viewing either, but both categories would usually warrant me being in the right situation with other people interested and as of late neither has been possible with my ridiculously busy schedule. Still, something about this parody of crime busting cheese like the “Lethal Weapon” series felt like just what I needed for a little me-time. “Cop Out” is at least a one-time view, earning a spot in the popcorn flick hall of fame.
The story for the most part follows the generic route of bumbling law enforcement guys who stumble onto a whole mess of crime, this time starring officers Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) and Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan). Thankfully, at least this time the bad guys aren’t another Italian or Russian mobster imitation and the humor feels slightly fresher with Mexican drug lords playing the villains.
While I did find the concept of Willis’ character dealing with thugs to get a baseball card back so he could pay for his daughter’s wedding amusing, the criminals like Juan (Cory Fernandez) and Poh Boy (Guillermo Díaz) are quickly forgettable. In fact, other than hilarious moments like those with Willis, Morgan and Seann William Scott (who plays a druggie named dave) the movie doesn’t have much else going for it. Perhaps the one thing that makes this the most different from Kevin Smith’s other work is the language is much cleaner than anything else he has done.
For all purposes this is pretty much a guy film, but anyone who needs some good old mind numbing jokes should have a good time watching it. In the end, I at least liked it enough to watch it by myself, which is a rare thing since I tend to wait until at least my wife can watch as well. This earns “Cop Out” three out of five ghetto references.
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