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Identifying And Classifying Sharks

To recognize a shark, you need a good understanding of its external features, and sometimes a quick eye and a keen memory. You can use the diagram above to classify sharks.
Below there's a classification of living sharks. The scientific names as wel as the common English names.

Classification Of Living Sharks

Class: Chondrichthyes
Subclass: Elasmobranchii
Superorder: Squalomorhii
Order: Hexanchiformes (Sixgill, sevengill and frilled sharks)
Family: Hexanchidae (Sixgills and sevengills)
Heptranchias perlo Sharpnose Sevengill Cowshark / Perlon Shark
Hexanchus griseus Bluntnose Sixgill Cowshark
Hexanchus vitulus Bigeye Sixgill Shark
Notorynchus cepedianus Broadnose Sevengill

Family: Chlamydoselachidae (Frilled sharks)
Chlamydoselachus anguineus Frilled Shark

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Order: Squaliformes (Dogfish sharks)
Family: Echinorhinidae (Bramble sharks)
Echinorhinus brucus Bramble Shark
Echinorhinus cookei Prickly Shark

Family: Squalidae (Dogfish sharks)
Aculeola nigra Hooktooth Dogfish
Centrophorus acus Needle Dogfish
Centrophorus granulosus Gulper Shark
Centrophorus harrisoni Dumb Gulper Shark
Centrophorus lusitanicus Lowfin Gulper Shark
Centrophorus moluccensis Smallfin Gulper Shark
Centrophorus niaukang Taiwan Gulper Shark
Centrophorus squamosus Leafscale Gulper Shark
Centrophorus tesselatus Mosaic Gulper Shark
Centrophorus uyato Little Gulper Shark
Centroscyllium fabricii Black Dogfish
Centroscyllium granulatum Granular Dogfish
Centroscyllium kamoharai Bareskin Dogfish
Centroscyllium nigrum Combtooth Dogfish
Centroscyllium ornatum Ornate Dogfish
Centroscyllium ritteri Whitefin Dogfish
Centroscyllium sheikoi Rasptooth Dogfish
Centroscymnus coelolepis Portuguese Dogfish
Centroscymnus crepidater Longnose Velvet Dogfish
Centroscymnus cryptacanthus Shortnose Velvet Dogfish
Centroscymnus owstoni Roughskin Dogfish / Largespine Velvet Dogfish
Cirrhigaleus barbifer Mandarin Dogfish
Dalatias licha Seal Shark / Kitefin Shark / Darkie Charlie
Deania calcea Birdbeak Dogfish
Deania histricosa Rough Longnose Dogfish
Deania profundorum Arrowhead Dogfish
Deania quardrispinosum Longsnout Dogfish
Etmopterus baxteri New Zealand Lanternshark
Etmopterus brachyurus Shorttail Lanternshark
Etmopterus bullisi Lined Lanternshark
Etmopterus carteri Cylindrical Lanternshark
Etmopterus decacuspidatus Combtooth Lanternshark
Etmopterus frontimaculatus Crow Lanternshark
Etmopterus gracilspinis Broadband Lanternshark
Etmopterus granulosus Southern Lanternshark
Etmopterus hillianus Caribbean Lanternshark
Etmopterus lucifer Blackbelly Lanternshark / Devil Shark
Etmopterus molleri ?
Etmopterus perryi Dwarf Lanternshark
Etmopterus polli African Lanternshark
Etmopterus princeps Great Lanternshark
Etmopterus pusillus Smooth Lanternshark
Etmopterus schmidti Darkbelly Lanternshark
Etmopterus schultzi Fringefin Lanternshark
Etmopterus sentosus Thorny Lanternshark
Etmopterus spinax Velvet Belly
Etmopterus unicolor Brown Lanternshark
Etmopterus villosus Hawaiian Lanternshark
Etmopterus virens Green Lanternshark
Euprotomicroides zantedeschia Taillight Shark
Euprotomicrus bispinatus Pygmy Shark
Heteroscymnoides marleyi Longnose Pygmy Shark
Isistius brasilensis Cookiecutter Shark / Cigar Shark
Isistius plutodus Largetooth Cookiecutter Shark
Mollisquama parini Softskin Dogfish
Scymnodalatias sherwoodi Sherwood Dogfish
Scymnodalatias albicauda Whitetail Dogfish
Scymnodon ichiharai Japanese Velvet Dogfish
Scymnodon macracanthus Longspine Velvet Dogfish
Scymnodon obscurus Smallmouth Velvet Dogfish
Scymnodon plunketi Plunket Shark
Scymnodon ringens Knifetooth Dogfish
Somniosus microcephalus Greenland Shark / Sleeper Shark
Somniosus pacificus Pacific Sleeper Shark
Somniosus rostratus Little Sleeper Shark
Squaliolus aliae Smalleye Pygmy Shark
Squaliolus laticaudus Spiny Pygmy Shark
Squalus acanthias Spotted Spiny Dogfish / Piked Dogfish / Spiny Dogfish / Spurdog / Victorian Spotted Dogfish
Squalus asper Roughskin Spurdog
Squalus blainvilli Longnose Spurdog
Squalus cubensis Cuban Dogfish
Squalus japonicus Japanese Spurdog
Squalus megalops Shortnose Spiny Dogfish / Shortnose Spurdog
Squalus melanurus Blacktail Spurdog
Squalus mitsukurii Shortspine Spiny Dogfish / Shortspine Spurdog
Squalus rancureli Cyrano Spurdog
Zameus squamulosis Velvet Dogfish

Family: Oxynotidae (Roughsharks)
Oxynotus bruniensis Prickly Dogfish
Oxynotus caribbaeus Caribbean Roughshark
Oxynotus centrina Angular Roughshark
Oxynotus japonicus Japanese Roughshark
Oxynatus paradoxus Humantin Roughshark / Sailfin Roughshark

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