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This site is dedicated to sharks, obviously, and to their relatives. This is a fan site, this site is in no way related to any shark experts. This is just a site from little ol' me. A person who just love sharks and has so since she was about 10 years old.
She started collecting a lot of books about sharks. At first only books written in her native tongue, but after a few years she wasn't afraid of buying books in the universal language that is English. Right now she has quite a collection. If you want to know where she got the information she wrote down on this website just go to the Shark Sources. She's got them all written down for you.
Besides collecting books, she also started collecting shark items. From shower gel to cookie jar, from shark jaws to hand made glass statues, from posters to tattoos. Most of her friends think she's crazy and they don't understand why she's loves those "scary monsters from deep down below". When she hears that, she just smiles and walks away. She knows she's not the only one in this world with a love for sharks. Probably all that visit this page. Or at least persons that like to know more about them.

If you'd like to contact her, just use this link below to mail her. If the questions, suggestions and remarks are genuine she'll answer them. She has been helpful for information for many schoolpapers turned in all over the world. Maybe she can also help you out.

When you want to add a link to her Shark Links please use this link.

She thinks no further explanation is required; just use the buttons to navigate through this site. She hopes you'll find this site useful and interesting. And that you'll have a nice day.

Haaitje Bijtje, Amsterdam 03-22-2003


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