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Hello everyone and welcome to my home. I really hope that you enjoy your stay and that you continue to come back to raise my counter and make me happy. Now Quit reading this and go have fun.

I am so pleased to see that some of you have been signing my guestbook and I have to thank you for that. So remember if you visited please Sign My Guestbook. Thank you.

My Horse Page

Guitar Players Page. You can go if you are a want to be guitarist also...

My Friend Page and Meeting Them On the Web

Fallen Angel's Bio(Updated Ferbuary 14, 1999)

Fallen Angel's Loves. A page of the most beautiful things that we have...Animals. (Sorry it does take a bit to load.)

Fallen Angel's Metal Bands page

Fallen Angel's Lakes May take a while to load. Don't do anything else.

If you have any suggestions Mail Me Them and feel free to send pics of horses, guitars, bands, and anything that you think should be here.

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Thank You
Fallen Angel


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