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Being a longtime computer game aficianado whose playing time has been drastically curtailed over the past few years by the arrival of my two young sons, I find myself looking for an online hint more and more frequently these days. But though I've found a lot of good computer game walkthrough pages out there, none of them told me what I really wanted to know--whether I had missed any cool quests, subplots, or character interactions in the game somewhere.

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Strategy and riddles I can figure out on my own, but did I miss some cool interaction with one of my NPC's by doing a couple of quests in the order opposite to how they were originally assigned? Was there anything in that big boring forest, or were the game designers just showing off how well they could draw leaves? And that storyline that ended abruptly and I never figured out what it was about: was there more to that, and if so, where do I go to find it?

So I've written some of my own computer game walkthroughs (mostly computer RPG and adventure games at this point, since that's what I tend to play the most), and in them I have strived to point fellow gamers towards things they might not have tried, rather than divulging puzzle solutions or giving step-by-step instructions. There are plenty of other walkthrough sites doing that already... besides, some people don't want that stuff spoiled, they just want tips on where to look for more things to do. If you're one of them, these walkthroughs are for you. If you're looking for a more explicit puzzle solution, I recommend the Ultimate Hint System pages, which are uniquely set up to reveal only one hint at a time, so you won't ruin the entire game by visiting there.

Happy gaming!

Computer Games: Walkthroughs

Arcanum Steamworks (Genre: CRPG)
Arcanum WalkthroughArcanum ReviewArcanum HintsArcanum Cheats

Realms of Arkania Trilogy (Blade of Destiny, Star Trail, and Shadows Over Riva) (Genre: CRPG)
Arkania WalkthroughArkania ReviewArkania HintsArkania Cheats

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (Genre: CRPG)
BG2 WalkthroughBG2 ReviewBG2 HintsBG2 Cheats

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (Genre: CRPG)
ToB WalkthroughToB ReviewToB HintsToB Cheats

The Black Mirror (Genre: Adventure Game)
Black Mirror WalkthroughBlack Mirror ReviewBlack Mirror HintsBlack Mirror Cheats

Chemicus (Genre: Puzzle Game)
Chemicus WalkthroughChemicus ReviewChemicus HintsChemicus Cheats

Creature of Kapu Cave (Genre: Adventure Game)
Creature of Kapu Cave WalkthroughCreature of Kapu Cave HintsCreature of Kapu Cave Cheats

Curse of Blackmoor Manor (Genre: Adventure Game)
Curse of Blackmoor Manor WalkthroughCurse of Blackmoor Manor HintsCurse of Blackmoor Manor Cheats

Curse of Monkey Island (Genre: Adventure Game)
Monkey Island WalkthroughMonkey Island ReviewMonkey Island HintsMonkey Island Cheats

Danger on Deception Island (Genre: Adventure Game)
Danger on Deception Island WalkthroughDanger on Deception Island HintsDanger on Deception Island Cheats

Exile (Genre: Puzzle Game)
Exile WalkthroughExile ReviewExile HintsExile Cheats

The Final Scene (Genre: Adventure Game)
The Final Scene WalkthroughThe Final Scene HintsThe Final Scene Cheats

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake (Genre: Adventure Game)
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake WalkthroughGhost Dogs of Moon Lake HintsGhost Dogs of Moon Lake Cheats

The Haunted Carousel (Genre: Adventure Game)
The Haunted Carousel WalkthroughThe Haunted Carousel HintsThe Haunted Carousel Cheats

Journey to the Center of the Earth (Genre: Adventure Game)
Journey to the Center WalkthroughJourney to the Center ReviewJourney to the Center HintsJourney to the Center Cheats

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (Genre: Adventure Game)
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon WalkthroughLast Train to Blue Moon Canyon HintsLast Train to Blue Moon Canyon Cheats

The Longest Journey (Genre: Puzzle Game)
The Longest Journey WalkthroughThe Longest Journey ReviewLongest Journey HintsLongest Journey Cheats

Message in a Haunted Mansion (Genre: Adventure Game)
Message in a Haunted Mansion WalkthroughMessage in a Haunted Mansion HintsMessage in a Haunted Mansion Cheats

Morrowind (Genre: CRPG)
Morrowind WalkthroughMorrowind ReviewMorrowind HintsMorrowind Cheats

Myst (Genre: Puzzle Game)
Myst WalkthroughMyst ReviewMyst HintsMyst Cheats

Nancy Drew Games (Genre: Adventure Game)
Nancy Drew WalkthroughNancy Drew ReviewNancy Drew HintsNancy Drew Cheats

Nibiru (Genre: Adventure Game)
Nibiru WalkthroughNibiru ReviewNibiru HintsNibiru Cheats

The Omega Stone (Genre: Puzzle Game)
Omega Stone WalkthroughOmega Stone ReviewOmega Stone HintsOmega Stone Cheats

Physicus (Genre: Puzzle Game)
Physicus WalkthroughPhysicus ReviewPhysicus HintsPhysicus Cheats

Return to Krondor (Genre: CRPG)
Return to Krondor WalkthroughReturn to Krondor ReviewReturn to Krondor HintsReturn to Krondor Cheats

Revelation (Genre: Puzzle Game)
Revelation WalkthroughRevelation ReviewRevelation HintsRevelation Cheats

Riddle of the Sphinx (Genre: Puzzle Game)
Riddle of the Sphinx WalkthroughRiddle of the Sphinx ReviewRiddle of the Sphinx HintsRiddle of the Sphinx Cheats

Riven (Genre: Puzzle Game)
Riven WalkthroughRiven ReviewRiven HintsRiven Cheats

Secret of the Old Clock (Genre: Adventure Game)
Secret of the Old Clock WalkthroughSecret of the Old Clock HintsSecret of the Old Clock Cheats

Secret of the Scarlet Hand (Genre: Adventure Game)
Secret of the Scarlet Hand WalkthroughSecret of the Scarlet Hand HintsSecret of the Scarlet Hand Cheats

Secret of Shadow Ranch (Genre: Adventure Game)
Secret of Shadow Ranch WalkthroughSecret of Shadow Ranch HintsSecret of Shadow Ranch Cheats

Secrets Can Kill (Genre: Adventure Game)
Secrets Can Kill WalkthroughSecrets Can Kill HintsSecrets Can Kill Cheats

Stay Tuned For Danger (Genre: Adventure Game)
Stay Tuned For Danger WalkthroughStay Tuned For Danger HintsStay Tuned For Danger Cheats

Syberia (Genre: Adventure Game)
Syberia WalkthroughSyberia ReviewSyberia HintsSyberia Cheats

Timescape: Journey to Pompeii (Genre: Adventure Game)
Timescape WalkthroughTimescape ReviewTimescape HintsTimescape Cheats

Treasure in the Royal Tower (Genre: Adventure Game)
Treasure in the Royal Tower WalkthroughTreasure in the Royal Tower HintsTreasure in the Royal Tower Cheats

White Wolf of Icicle Creek (Genre: Adventure Game)
Icicle Creek WalkthroughIcicle Creek HintsIcicle Creek Cheats

The Witcher (Genre: CRPG)
Witcher WalkthroughWitcher ReviewWitcher HintsWitcher Cheats

Wizardry 8 (Genre: CRPG)
Wizardry 8 WalkthroughWizardry 8 ReviewWizardry 8 HintsWizardry 8 Cheats

Wizards and Warriors (Genre: CRPG)
Wizards & Warriors WalkthroughWizards & Warriors ReviewWizards & Warriors HintsWizards & Warriors Cheats

Worlds of Xeen (Clouds of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen, and Swords of Xeen) (Genre: CRPG)
Xeen WalkthroughXeen ReviewXeen HintsXeen Cheats

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