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Low-Spoiler Nancy Drew Walkthroughs

Welcome to my Nancy Drew walkthrough site. (-: If you're new to my series of low-spoiler computer game walkthroughs, the idea behind them is to point players towards things they might not have tried in each game rather than giving away puzzle solutions or offering step-by-step instructions. There are a lot of good computer game walkthrough pages out there, but none of them tell me what I really want to know--whether I've missed anything interesting in the game.

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Puzzles and riddles I can figure out on my own, but the difference between a plot arc that I've missed part of and one that's just badly written is almost impossible to discern on a single play-through. When I get stuck in a game, too, it's usually because I've missed something (overlooked a puzzle in a corner, missed an exit to a new area that's hard to get to with the game interface, etc.) or because there's a glitch in the game, not because I really can't figure out what tool to use on a door hinge or how to read a word backwards.

So here are my Nancy Drew walkthroughs, as free of puzzle or plot spoilers as I could make them. Instead I've included a page of general gameplay hints for each one, an area guide telling you anything of interest you can explore in each of the game's locations, a checklist of all the puzzles and important tasks that need to be completed in case you get really stuck, and a final checklist of optional actions you might have missed in the game. Hopefully you'll find them useful. If you're looking for more explicit hints that will give away game plots, try my new Adventure Game Spoilers section, and if you're looking for a specific puzzle solution, I recommend the Ultimate Hint System, which has a really nice site with all its solutions behind cut tags so that you can read one answer without spoiling any of the other puzzles.

Happy gaming!

Nancy Drew Game Walkthroughs

Secrets Can Kill (Nancy Drew Game #1)
Secrets Can Kill HintsSecrets Can Kill WalkthroughSecrets Can Kill Cheats

Stay Tuned For Danger (Nancy Drew Game #2)
Stay Tuned For Danger HintsStay Tuned For Danger WalkthroughStay Tuned For Danger Cheats

Message in a Haunted Mansion (Nancy Drew Game #3)
Message in a Haunted Mansion HintsMessage in a Haunted Mansion WalkthroughMessage in a Haunted Mansion Cheats

Treasure in the Royal Tower (Nancy Drew Game #4)
Treasure in the Royal Tower HintsTreasure in the Royal Tower WalkthroughTreasure in the Royal Tower Cheats

The Final Scene (Nancy Drew Game #5)
The Final Scene HintsThe Final Scene WalkthroughThe Final Scene Cheats

Secret of the Scarlet Hand (Nancy Drew Game #6)
Secret of the Scarlet Hand HintsSecret of the Scarlet Hand WalkthroughSecret of the Scarlet Hand Cheats

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake (Nancy Drew Game #7)
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake HintsGhost Dogs of Moon Lake WalkthroughGhost Dogs of Moon Lake Cheats

The Haunted Carousel (Nancy Drew Game #8)
The Haunted Carousel HintsThe Haunted Carousel WalkthroughThe Haunted Carousel Cheats

Danger on Deception Island (Nancy Drew Game #9)
Danger on Deception Island HintsDanger on Deception Island WalkthroughDanger on Deception Island Cheats

Secret of Shadow Ranch (Nancy Drew Game #10)
Secret of Shadow Ranch HintsSecret of Shadow Ranch WalkthroughSecret of Shadow Ranch Cheats

Curse of Blackmoor Manor (Nancy Drew Game #11)
Curse of Blackmoor Manor HintsCurse of Blackmoor Manor WalkthroughCurse of Blackmoor Manor Cheats

Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew Game #12)
Secret of the Old Clock HintsSecret of the Old Clock WalkthroughSecret of the Old Clock Cheats

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (Nancy Drew Game #13)
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon HintsLast Train to Blue Moon Canyon WalkthroughLast Train to Blue Moon Canyon Cheats

Danger by Design (Nancy Drew Game #14)
Danger by Design HintsDanger by Design WalkthroughDanger by Design Cheats

Creature of Kapu Cave (Nancy Drew Game #15)
Creature of Kapu Cave HintsCreature of Kapu Cave WalkthroughCreature of Kapu Cave Cheats

White Wolf of Icicle Creek (Nancy Drew Game #16)
White Wolf HintsWhite Wolf WalkthroughWhite Wolf Cheats

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