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Where did the time go, anyway? Seems like just yesterday I was kicking back in college waiting for my 286 to finish loading the next "Isles of Terra" area, and now I have two kids with their own Pentium machine.

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Anyway, seeing as how my friends and I have been reviewing and writing walkthroughs for computer games, I figured I might as well put up a page about games for kids. After all, Ultima III was twenty years ago. I can't be the only ex-avatar with the patter of little feet in her living room these days. And even those of you who don't probably have nephews and nieces, cousins, and the children of friends to buy presents for from time to time. Somebody's gotta teach them there's more to gaming than Pokemon. C'mon, be the cool uncle. :-D

Computer Games for Kids 2-8
Good computer games to play together with your young children
Computer Games for Kids 8-12
Good computer games to give your favorite pre-teen gamer
Computer Games for Kids 13-18
Good computer games to give your favorite teenager

If you're wondering whether another popular game might be suitable for you and/or your child, please feel free to check out my CRPG and adventure game pages for more reviews--I've written age-appropriateness blurbs for each of the games reviewed there.

Happy gaming!

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