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'Cheating' can mean a lot of different things, depending on which computer game you're talking about and who you ask. Some kinds of cheating can enhance your gaming experience--hex-editing a savegame to give low-level characters a spell that eliminates boring travel time, for example. Other kinds of cheating can seriously diminish your gaming experience--like using the same hex-editor to turn your 1st-level characters into 298th-level characters. Sheesh, why play the game at all at that point. Many kinds of cheating fall someplace in between those two extremes, possibly speeding up or eliminating tedium from a game at the cost of imbalancing it somewhat. (I often use cheats like those during a second play-through.)

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Anyway, I'm not one to second-guess other people's motives--maybe you really need 298th-level characters in the 1st-level dungeon for some reason. (I once hex-edited a game of Wizardry Gold to give the characters insanely high hit point levels... so they wouldn't die when I played it with my four-year-old son, who had no patience for tactics or resting. :-D ) So here is my compendium of all the cheat codes, editors, trainers, and any other cheats I know of. This site's under construction, so there should be a lot more pages up here soon--check back if I haven't got the page you're looking for.

Note that the cheats on these pages are all game-level cheats. If you need plot hints, spoilers, strategy tips, or puzzle solutions, please have a look at my Game Hints, Walkthrough and Spoiler pages, where I keep things of that nature. Or, you can just navigate there from the cheats page. They're linked together pretty well. Finally, some games really don't lend themselves to explicit cheating (many puzzle-adventure games, for example, have no cheat codes nor stats to hex-edit) or don't have very many cheats available. In those cases I've just combined the hints and cheats on one page, so you don't have to click around as much.

Happy gaming!

Lora's Computer Games Cheats, Hints, and Tips

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