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Hey there. The main web project I've been working on, an index of Native American tribes, is now getting so many hits that Geocities has been turning off the power periodically, so I'm moving all the odds and ends that aren't directly related to Amerindian languages off that site and onto a personal site of my own to relieve some of the pressure.

Web projects I'm involved in:

Native Languages of the Americas is a site dedicated to the promotion and preservation of American Indian languages, at this point primarily by collecting links to valuable internet resources. (See our new Native American website for children and Native American art pages, too.)

The Storyboard of Ataniel, a collaborative online writing project back up and running! Also check out the Reference Almanac of the gameworld, with maps.

dotComputer Game Reviews is a collection of reviews I've done on various computer games (with separate sections for CRPG and adventure games.)

Computer Game Walkthroughs is my collection of low-spoiler CRPG and adventure game guides, with an emphasis on pointing gamers towards things they might not have tried rather than divulging solutions. So far I've got walkthroughs up for Shadows of Amn, Arcanum, Wizardry 8, Realms of Arkania, Worlds of Xeen, Syberia, and The Black Mirror. I've got new pages of computer hints and cheats under development as well.

dotThe Backseat Game Designer is my opinionated opinions on computer game design and ongoing kibitzing on what game programmers and designers ought to be doing better. ;-)

Wizardry Superfriends: This is just a screenshot of a game of Wizardry Gold I'm playing with my four-year-old son -- party consisting of Dora the ranger, Superman the fighter, Spiderman the ninja, Pooh the bard, Bob the cleric, and Blue the mage. :-D

Kids Computer Games: Reviews of fun games to play with your children, play in front of your children, or give as presents to older kids. I've got some evolving subpages for Children's Computer Games, Preteen Computer Games, and Teenagers Computer Games as well.

Educational Toys for Kids is my under-construction page of reviews for all my (and my children's) favorite educational/creative toys and games.

The Charisma-nator, a silly online quiz intended to help fix 'charisma creep' in AD&D gaming.

Check out my archive of Hotel scenes.

Here's my ODP profile (I'm an editor there) and Yahoo profile.

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