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This is the #Outlaws_Players on the Undernet. Here you can find out all about the goings on in MIRC at the #Outlaws_Players channels on the Undernet. Outlaws games are hosted by cable hosts 24/7, through winsockets/tcp/ip or direct play/tcp/ip. Winsockets are a less laggier alternative, but if you are on a hub, rounter, or lan and are not the host computer, your only alternative is a direct play game. MIRC is a wonderful place to play outlaws, because of the ease of trasfering files such as maps, and the many varieties of ways to communicate there.

This site will give you opportunities to get info on MIRC, Outnet and OutMIRC. We also have lots of maps for you to download, both old and brand new. Lots of add ons are available for you too, like crosshairs, taunt packs, patches, and more. We also have an extensive photo gallery of outlaws players who have come to MIRC to play games and trade pix.

The #Outlaws__Players channel is managed by Dontknow, Vesuvio, Garbotalk and Goliath`. This website is maintained by Garbotalk and Goliath`. Email us with photos, maps, wavs, add ons, opinions, or just anything outlaws on your mind. We're listening!

For all you zone players who are losing the outlaws room at the zone, we welcome you to try a different alternative, but a fun one. If you need help learning the MIRC ways, check out our NEWS page for info and faqs.

Garbotalk :) & The Mirc Administration :) HeHe