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Add Ons For Outlaws

Add ons are items that you can extract to your outlaw's folder that allow you to enjoy different enhancements to the game. Patches are necessary to use with the newer maps and latest versions of windows, and be sure to execute them before gaming. Getting the latest drivers for your computer is essential to smooth gaming. Many are available here. Overclockers allow you to disable vsync to boost your fps. Cross hairs can be changed from the standard one in the game, by simply removing the crosshair and replacing it with a different one. Experiment with the varieties of crosshairs here. The taunts in the game are fun, but hearing new ones can be even more fun! Included are lots of taunt packs to extract to your ols folder. You can configure ols to play these taunts if you want, or simply have them in the folder to hear if someone else plays them. I personally enjoy taunting with my own taunts, hehe. Also included are programs like urotrace that allow you to ping potential competitors, and lots of various other applications. Check it out! Enjoy! If you have something new you'd like to include, email me!


Drivers and Overclockers




Outlaws Taunt Packs

Odds and Ends


Mirc Scripts