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Updated 2-26-2001

MIRC #Outlaws_Players Ladder Stats over 24 Weeks

Players who reached #1

Goliath`: 21 weeks

Mistaman: 1 week

Mike_DR: 1 week

SyN_Remi: 1 week

Players with most games played

Garbotalk: 101 games

Mike_DR: 52 games

SoL_Lank: 50 games

^Paw^: 45 games

Goliath`: 45 games

Players with most wins

Goliath`: 41 wins

Garbotalk: 40 wins

SWE_Gust: 35 wins

Mike_DR: 32 wins

SyN_Remi: 31 wins

Best Sports

Garbotalk: 61 losses

SoL_Lank: 28 losses

OLM_Bare: 26 losses

FloPuR: 23 losses

^PaW^: 20 losses

Top 10 Players With Highest Percentage of Wins












Players With Most Time Spent in the Top 10

Goliath`: 24 weeks

Mike_DR: 24 weeks

CBO_Smac: 24 weeks

SyN_Remi: 20 weeks

SoL_Carlton: 20 weeks

SoL_Lank: 20 weeks

Tuff_Mike: 20 weeks

DogBreath: 16 weeks

SWE_Gust: 16 weeks

Mistaman: 12 weeks

Number of Total Participants: 125

Greatest Number on the Ladder At One Time: 90

Gangs Who Participated

ANV: 4 players

BaD: 3 players

BDO: 9 players

BmF: 3 players

CBO: 3 players

DR: 7 players

DUT: 6 players

ExK: 4 players

HaR: 2 players

HRC: 5 players

JDC: 2 players

KDA: 2 players

OGB: 2players

OLM: 4 players

SIR: 1 player

SOD: 5 players

SoL: 11 players

ST: 1 player

SWE: 3 players

SyN: 1 player

Tuff: 3 players

USM: 3 players

WAC: 8 players

Wild: 2 players

ZZ: 3 players


Thank you to all who participated in this ladder. I had a great time and learned alot from so many of you! Hopefully, most had an enjoyable time as well. Special thanks to Goliath`, ^PaW^, Notorious and SIR_Kohna for their assistance to me in rules defining, programming, uploading, editing, and tallying. Perhaps a teams or ctf ladder is upcoming. Would you have an interest in such a ladder? Let me know at

Garbotalk :)