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The Sunday Tournament!

April 1, 2001
KFC Tournament
April 8, 2001
1 on 1 DM Tournament, All Sanchez
April 15, 2001
2 on 2 CTF Tournament
April 22, 2001
1 on 1 DM Tournament
April 29, 2001
2 on 2 Teams Tournament
May 6, 2001
1 on 1 DM Tournament, All Bob
All tournaments
will resume July 1st
July 1, 2001
1 on 1 DM Tournament
July 8, 2001
2 on 2 Teams Tournament
July 15, 2001
1 on 1 DM Tournament, all Doc
July 22, 2001
2 on 2 CTF Tournament
July 29, 2001
1 on 1 DM Tournament


Every Sunday afternoon is the #Outlaws_Players Tournament. These tournaments alternate between DM, CTF, KFC and Teams, with Character Specific Tournaments thrown in for fun. They take approximately two to three hours to complete. There is a lot to do during the tournament to get the information recorded and back to you. Please be patient with us! You can enter the Tournament at 1:00 p.m. CST by typing !enter in MIRC when you are in the channel. At that time, the maps will be listed and available for you to download either from this site, or from the channel itself. The Tournament will start at 2:00 p.m. CST. Just click on the brackets link to see what player you will face. We want to invite you all to join us in #Outlaws_Players Channel on MIRC's Dalnet Server to play in the tournament, and cheer on your fellow players. Then stay and play some friendly games!

We have decided to limit the winners to a maximum of two DM wins, one CTF win, one KFC win and one Teams win in the regular Sunday Tournaments. This will allow other players to have a chance to compete and gain a position in the Tournaments of Champions. Following the Tournament of Champions all will be allowed to compete once again in the Sunday Tournament. This means if you won two times in the DM tourney and once in the CTF and Teams Tourneys, please do not enter again until after the Champs Tournament. We are doing this to give all a chance to compete in the finals. Your understanding and good sportsmanship is appreciated.

Competitors must be in the channel and paying attention to the announcements a minimum of one hour prior to the start of the Tournament. Registration will begin at 1:00 p.m. CST on the day of the Tournament. We use MIRC to get on Dalnet, and generally use the 7000 server to minimize IRC lag in the channel and be able to announce events of the Tournament. Also other dalnet servers are good ones if Phoenix is down.

You MUST be in the #Outlaws_Players channel on Dalnet prior to and during the tournament to participate. All matches are announced there, and scores are reported. If you leave or are not present when your match is announced, you will forfeit the match and are out of the tourney. Ample time will be allowed incase of disconnects for you to rejoin the channel. It is ok to leave the channel while your match is underway, if you like. Once you have a nickname in the channel - DO NOT CHANGE IT!!! It only adds to the confusion. The actual matches will start once the brackets are finished. There has been a recent rash of aliases joining tourneys. Please refrain from aliases. They are unfair to the other competitors. From now on, if you win under alias, you will not receive a +, and your name will not be revealed on the site. Your alias name only will be seen.


There will be four to six rounds for the tournament, depending on volume of contestants. DM Tournaments are single elimination with matches played to 10 kills. The first person to10 kills wins that round. If there is a simultaneous kill to make it 10-10, players should continue fighting until one player is ahead by one kill, if at all possible. A tie may only occur if the two finalists agree to it after a simultaneous kill at 10. They, of course, can proceed to a certain win.Teams Tournaments are played to 20 kills. CTF Tournaments are played to 5 caps or 30 minutes, whichever comes first. KFC Tournaments are played to 5 minutes holding the chicken. The losers of the round are eliminated and will not play the next round unless the opponents forfeit the prior match.

You MAY NOT "bob" in the water and/or shoot or toss TNT at players at the same time (AKA "bobbing"). This means No Bobbing Period! Due to a bug in the game, the person in the water is invulnerable to people shooting at them from a distance. No Badges, Vanishing Cream, Sawed-off Shotguns or Gats are allowed. Any "Cheat Codes" used will automatically disqualify you and you maybe subject to be disallowed to compete in any future tournaments.

The Tournament hosts (OPs in #O_P) will pick the map for each round. Map selection will be made prior to the tournament and will not be open for discussion. Maps will be announced in the channel and posted on this Web Site on the day of the Tournament. You MUST play the maps assigned during any given round. If you Do NOT have a map, PLEASE don't flood the channel asking for it come back to this page click on "Tournament Maps" and download the appropriate file. Maps can be downloaded from here or from the Channel F-Server if Dontknow is present in the channel by typing !send in the channel window.

Rounds may be hosted by you or your opponent. If you cannot decide on a host between the two of you, or if you have lag problems or any other difficulty, Message an OP (the people with @'s before their name) immediately and request a third party host. The final round will be hosted by a channel OP with a cable modem.

If your opponent is NOT in the channel, quits or drops in the middle of the game, doesn't join your game or anything of that nature, Message an OP. This is done by double clicking on the OP's nickname on the right side of the screen and typing something like "Help! We are having problems!"

A person is given approximately 5 minutes to show up in the game before they are disqualified - but this decision is up to the OPs and is dependent on many variables (net splits, spontaneous combustion, etc.). Again, The final decision is totally up to the channel OP's.

After that match has been played the winner shall report the scores to the Tournament Host by typing !report in the channel window. After each round is complete the results will be posted on the Brackets located on this Web Site. This will take a few minutes so please be patient. The winner of the round will play the winner of the bracket below (or above) for the next round. There will be a total of four to six rounds for the tournament.

Finally, PLEASE do not WHINE. Nothing takes the fun out of this game more than constant whining. If you have lag or other problem in a self-hosted game, message an OP and they will host it for you, if possible. If lag exist during an OP-hosted game, just DEAL WITH IT. It's the best we can do with people from all over the world. ESPECIALLY, please do not whine in the open channel!

We run these tourneys (and the channel) because we enjoy the game. We don't have a multi-billion dollar company backing us, we don't get paid and we receive very little if any appreciation for all the time and work we put in to bring you the tournaments. So please, show some consideration and respect for the OPs and other players, be respectful in the channel and have PATIENCE! We will try to run the smoothest/fastest tourney around - help keep it that way!

Guests will be allowed to play private games before, during and after the Tournament. We welcome you and your friends to join our IRC game channel anytime you like. Thank you for your cooperation and please be courteous and use good sportsmanship during the game.