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Old Commercials From 1989!

I found these on an old tape my Art History teacher, Mrs. Warren let me borrow because there was an ode Van Gough movie called "Lust For Life" on it. Well, I never got the movie, but I did make these screen caps of the old commercials she had!  I have some commentary on some of the ads too. (put your mouse over the images too)

Windmere's Plak trac toothbrush. The movie was sponsored by these people, so they got the right to show 1,101 ads for this toothbrush during the movie. You don't see toothbrushes made like this anymore. Honestly, I think the contraption would cut up your gums, but that's just me and my sensitive gums. 

Works with toothpaste, water and mouthwash....I may sound like a moron, but why do they mention mouthwash? Is there a way mouthwash can squirt out of this? Princess Di brushes her teeth...I mean only a princess would get ready for bed wearing a necklace that nice. 
Here are all the places that Plak Trac was offered at (shown at the end of every ad)
I miss woolworth..

Wasn't there a controversy over Dr. Seuss' Butter Battle Book? Like it was banned in a couple of schools? 


Bear doesn't eat the pie that's coated in Saran Wrap, but he eats the pie coated in Glad wrap

Probably one of the first ads for 1-800-FLOWERS:

All this computer had was the power to say "1-800-FLOWERS, may I help you?"  

Ada Hale is pissed off that she doesn't have her old SINE-AID, until she realizes that she's taking extra strength SINE-AID. I don't think that SINE-AID is being made anymore. 


This was a really cheesy ad for Minolta cameras with a zoom mechanism.
I know its hard to tell by the ad, but the kids are being lounged torward the mom taking the photo. I wish I had a video clip of this ad to show 'yall. Oh, they must mean "French Cameras" (sorry, I had to do it)
Caps I couldn't do commentary on (assorted ones at the bottom of every page:

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