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This is the sequal to 'Radar's First Time'. In that story Walter (Radar) Eugene O'Reilly, a naive Iowa farmboy, is gently seduced by his superior, Sergeant Raymond Shaw, who will later become The Manchurian Candidate.

It's true love for both Radar and Ray, but alas Ray is shipped to Korea, leaving Walter bereft. Walter is sent to Korea himself, and stationed at the 4077 M*A*S*H unit. There he is contacted once again by Shaw, and the affair resumes. Their love deepens, but all is not well for the lovers. Due to the times, they feel compelled to keep their love a secret, and secrets can be dangerous.

That danger is embodied by Colonel Samuel Flagg, a CIA operative who comes to have a very unhealthy interest in Radar. (In the television series, Flagg was a moronic bumbler. In this universe, he is a clever, cunning, and very dangerous psychopath)

The story follows Radar's suffering at the hands of Flagg, his eventual recovery, with the loving help of family, friends, and Ray, and the chilling aftermath of Ray's capture and brainwashing. Will their love save Radar, and prevent Ray from succumbing to the machinations of the powers who seek to use him?

Table of Contents