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Nurse Bela Donna

Once upon a time I was a horror host! My name was Nurse Bela Donna! We were the latest in the new generation of horror hosts! We loved to acquire bodies through anesthesia, hypnotism, grave robbing or other means with the purpose of dissecting, mummifying, or reanimating them. Medical Science is so much FUN!!! When I wasn't working hard with the doctor I liked to "hunt", peruse the local graveyards, visit the local blood banks for a drink and collect bats! Until our fearless leader vanished into thin air and that was the end of Howling Horror Theatre!

Featured Model:

*Vampire Queen...Sept 19,1999*






*Cee Cee of the week*

*Dark Artwork of William Max Miller*

T.V. and Film Appearances:

*International Culinary Academy: 1997 School commercial (as self)*

*Dave "the Rock" Nelson: Devil Ant 3*

*Dave "the Rock" Nelson: Monster Bash 2000*

*Dave "the Rock" Nelson: The Demon Monster Outer Space*

*Dave "the Rock" Nelson: Dinoman*

*Dave "the Rock" Nelson: Devil Ant 4*

*Chiller Theatre Convention: Unconventional (as Nurse Bela Donna)*

*Penny Dreadful & the Shilling Shockers: Monster Bash Interview 2007 (as Nurse Bela Donna)*

*Howling Horror Theatre: Episodes: 4 & 5 (as Nurse Bela Donna)*

*Blue Cat Productions: Maniac (as Nurse Bela Donna)*

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"I am not insane! I am a sane man fighting for his soul!"