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Stevie Ray Vaughan


(October 3, 1954-August 27, 1990)

I had met Stevie Ray Vaughan a few times while he was alive. Besides being a great musician, he was a great guy! The last time I met him was June 1990..He died two months later! After his death I started to have dreams about him and something about a letter? I couldn't figure out what it meant. I kept having them on & off. It was odd to me. Then one day 4 years later I get a letter from a woman named Martha Vaughan. I was really into the whole pen pal thing back then. So I thought maybe it was just a woman who liked Stevie Ray. Back in those days sometimes women would use the last name of the guys they liked when sending letters. Never once did I think it was Stevie Ray Vaughan's mother. His mother?! She wrote me to inform me that Stevie had written me a letter before he died & she wanted to know if I wanted it. Guess that's what he was trying to tell me in my dreams.  This is my letter from beyond!

I think I read this letter 4 or 5 times before what it said really sank in. I thought about the dreams I'd been having, freaked out a little bit, then cried. I immediately sat down and wrote her telling her that I definitely wanted the letter! I had totally forgotten I even wrote to him. I included a photo of me and Stevie Ray for her and told her what a great guy her son was. Here's the letter I got back:

This was the envelope he had sealed it in. It was sealed with a stamp on it and everything. He just didn't have time to get them out before he went on the road. That's his hand writing with my now defunct address.

I was a huge pick collector back then. Always wanted one of his picks but forgot to ask him every time. It was one of the things I was sad about when he died...that I didn't get a pick. 4 yrs after his death I got my pick.

Stevie Ray didn't believe that death was the end. Death was just when people change, he said, you can't physically see them or talk to them but they are there. He managed to remind me of that 4 years after he died and he's still here today!

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"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."

~Bob Marley