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 If you haven't heard of WildeStarr then I recommend you run out and get their cd immediately. I recently received their debut "Arrival" and am enjoying it immensely. They have a very unique sound; hard to describe. I'd have to say a combination of power metal and melodic metal. A few things that stand out for me are the awesome guitar riffs and London's great voice. London's voice is very different in a good way. She's able to reach the high notes and low notes with ease. Dave Starr's (Vicious Rumors) guitar & bass skills shine in his new band. Nothing below impressive. There honestly wasn't a song on the CD that I didn't enjoy but there were four that really stood out for me as personal favorites: "Touching God", "Nevermore", "Down of the Sun", and "Voice In the Silence" (written for the late great Carl Albert). They currently have two CD's out. If you like Judas Priest, Dio, and Savatage with some Doro Pesch thrown in then I suggest you give them a try. If you can't imagine what those bands combined sound like then I suggest you give them a try. If you're a fan of Dave Starr then I suggest you give them a try. Aww just buy their CD's already!

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