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"Dragonslayer Games" "Dragonslayer Games" All rpgmaker games mede by drangonslayer !!!
"Beer and Weirdos" A cool webcomic by Dragonslayer(ME) ... you gotta read it !!!
"Blessed One" A really cool rpgmaker website ... with really COOL games and lots of infos !!!
"Rpg Palace"Another pretty cool rpgmaker site ... you gotta visit this one !!
LEGION SAGA SERIES "Legion saga series" The name says it all ... the site of the tpgmaker games "legion saga"
"Softgames"Well ... this is a site with lots and lots of free games !!
"Zelda clan"Another rpgmaker site ..
The shrouded "The shrouded" A cool rpgmaker site !! You have to visit this one !!

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