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Hi people !! The site is moving to angelfire !!

To go to the new site use this link:

Remember .. from now on go there .. īcause my crosswinds account will be dissappearing in a couple of days !!


Hi there ... I know itīs been a long time since my last update ... but I had lots of problems ... In the next days my sites will be moving to another server ... Iīll keep you informed on that ok ? ītill then!!


Hi !! I'm not dead !!! I was just working on a webcomic .... you'll find a link in the links section !!! Don't worry I'm still working on RPGMAKER ... I have news for you .... I'm working with a friend ... in a rpgmaker game ... you're gonna love that game ...please keep visitng the site for more news !!!!


Hi it's me again !! What's nw you ask ? A new affiliate .. go to the links site and visit "the blessed one" !!! The site is cool !! It has lots and lots of infos ...and incredibly cool games !!!!!

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