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So you live in a city full of idiots ? Weird thing happen all the time ? And you look like a 8-bit char ? Well .. then you're in .. BLUELIGHT CITY !!!

Jason also known as "puke boy" is just a crazy "normal" teen ... and Lance is his rival !! Lance always does things to prove he's better than Jason ... 'till one day ... Lance becomes the leader of the toughest gang in the city ... So jason has to look for members to create a gang and kick lance's ass simple isn't it ?... and so ..

The fight of the Deadly rivals starts ....

Main Chars

JASON- He's a crazy guy !! He likes to drink lots of beer and party !! He's very friendly ..but stupid.. He a good fighter.

ROBERTO- He's friendly and somewhat intelligent, but nobody notices that because he's always confused when he talks with Jason.

RYUIJI- Huis only friends are Jason and Roberto He's very intelligent .. he gets easily angry ..but he's just a coward..

LANCE- He's Jason's rival. He dresses like Jason just to make him angry... Lance always tries to do everything better than Jason, but why are they rivals ?

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