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Today's News
May 27, 2001

Thanks to, my website now has this k-rad looking layout to it. Finals are coming, and so is summer vacation. Not much seems to be happening with the NES scene right now, although there are a few important matters to go over.

First Things First:
A few weeks ago, a guy by the name of Jeff Scotts showed up over at NES World's board, claiming that he worked for Color Dreams during the years of 1990-1991. This is exactly what he said:


My name is Jeff Scotts and I was a freelance artist for 
Color Dreams around 1990-1991 time period.  I worked on 
several never released games such as Go West, a 
Crystal Mines engine based game which really went bad.  
The graphics stank.  I also worked on a Stormlords 
game which was going to use the supercart technology.  

I recently came across some of my old stuff and I plan 
on reproducing the Go West game so it plays on 
emulators.  I never got much of the game done yet I am
currently working hard to finish up this never released 

I contacted the owner of this site (Martin Nielson) 
and he thought I was a fraud.  This really disturbs 
me considering the fact that I indeed worked at Color 
Dreams for a few years.  He judged me cuz the graphics to 
Go West weren't very good...why do you think it was 

I'm working on finishing up the level desins for Go West.
We all had a format to use when designing levels for 
Crystal Mines it out on graph paper first 
then start placing the graphics into Nindraw.  I'll 
keep you all informed about my game.  Talk to you soon.

Jeff Scotts

I'm not really sure who this Jeff guy is. I don't remember hearing about him before...but I guess it's possible that he could have worked at Color Dreams. Even if he didn't, we still have a western Crystal Mines game to look forward to in the future.

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NES Still Living:
Just a few weeks ago (May 4,2000) I went to my local Funcoland and I didn't see many games. I did however find a NES controller, complete, for $5. I picked it up and upon further examining it, I noticed that it was made by Pelican, the same unlicensed company which released the Game Station Arcade last year. This perfectly legal controller seems to have been released just this year. The shape is similar to that of a Dogbone controller but it contains two extra turbo buttons. This is probably my favorite controller out of all of the ones I have right now...but I have two complaints. The connector doesn't seem to fit into the NES very good and the cord is too short. I'll have to hook it into my NES Forescore to solve the cord problem. Still an excellent find for $5.