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Kevin's Super Mario 64 page

Kevin's Super Mario 64 page

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough

Below is my complete walkthrough for Super Mario 64. It includes how to get the stars, course descriptions, screenshots, item lists...You'll just have to find out for yourself!

My walkthrough is designed to help you in your Bowser-battling and star-collecting journeys. Unlike some walkthroughs, which only give info on getting stars, my walkthrough shows the exact directions to get the stars and secrets, plus descriptions of the courses and screenshots for anything hard to describe.

Getting Started and Course 1: Bob-omb Battlefield

Course 2: Whomp's Fortress

Course 3: Jolly Roger Bay

Course 4: Cool, Cool Mountain

Course 5: Big Boo's Haunt

Course 6: Hazy Maze Cave

Course 7: Lethal Lava Land

Course 8: Shifting Sand Land

Course 9: Dire, Dire Docks

Course 10: Snowman's Land

Course 11: Wet-Dry World

Course 12: Tall, Tall Mountain

Course 13: Tiny-Huge Island

Course 14: Tick Tock Clock

Course 15: Rainbow Ride

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