Each man starts out with 100% life force or Combat Effectiveness. For simmplicity, we refer to this as CE. When is CE is reduced to 0%, he dies. Losses to his CE are the result of:

  1. Wounds from weapons firing
  2. Grenade and Shell bursts
  3. Clumsiness
  4. Hand to hand fighting

Wounded men fall into Four categories:

*All MORTALLY wounded men must test and pass morale before performing any action.


Any time that a man receives a wound, he must test morale. this is done by rolling D100 and comparing the result to the remaining CE.

MODIFIER to the above test. If the man testing is an officer or NCO, he may add 25% to the number of his CE remaining, for Morale test purposes.


By this we do not mean an attempt to get out of being sent into a combat area, but rather those hazardous activiites that are peculiar to soldiers under fire. These include Leaping, falling, getting run over by vehicles, etc. Any other activity may be added by the game umpire at any time.


Falling from the deck or turret of a tank, truck, truck bed, or one-story low structure carries a 10% chance of damage. if there is damage, roll a D100 and that is the percent of damage.

Falling or jumping fromt he second floor of a building carries a 20% chance of damage. Roll D100 for effect as above.

MODIFIERS: Parachutists may halve the percent chance of being hurt, and subtract 10% from the Damage roll because of their excellent physical condition.


If a tank or truck runs over a man, roll a D100. If the result is 50% or less, there is no damage (he avoided it at the last moment). If the result is 51% or greater, that is the percentage of damage to the man.

Small vehicles such as motorcycles or horse drawn carts roll similarly, but if the result is 75% or less, then there is no damage. If the result is 76% or above, then half of that is the percentage of damage to the man.


When fired on by an Automatic weapon, even if no hit is obtained, the man fied on has achance to be "pinned". Test morale for the man or men fired on. If the result is a failure, the man immediately drops prone. He does not drop weapons or special weapons. He must remain prone until he passes morale on a subsequent card. He may move while pinned, but only to the rear or to the nearest cover, unless the act of dropping prone put him into cover (behind a wall, etc). In that case, he may move while prone, but may not stand up until he passes morale.

Pinned men may not advance towards known enemy.

MODIFIERS to "Pinned" die roll: