The Story About Nothing- Yoshi's Part
Written by Velvet Dark 007

Disclaimer- See last one (AKA Mario's Part.) BTW, this has stuff that may offend.... but nothing religously offensive. Enjoy.- VD007

We last left off where Mario found a comic book that got him into trouble with the hot-headed Rain Booster and the Chancellor. Well, we now turn our focus to Yoshi the dinosaur, who is on Yo'ster's Isle enjoying free time between races and his cookie collection.

"Well, there's some Stauffer's Animal Crackers.... CHECK! Yee-hee! I'm almost done... Hmm... Hey... I've got an idea!" He said. he rushed outside and yelled behind Boshi-

"YUYYYYUJMAJJKSNDHOHQ!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted, sending his rival into the air, never to bee seen again... (Until Waluigi's part) Yoshi felt embarassed and left.

"Heheheheheee..... I'm gonna go see Toad." He walked off to a baseball field, via a plothole that appeared in a bathroom. Now, Yoshi was walking along, and then he saw Toad, running from baseballs.

"AIIIEEEE!" Toad screamed. Yoshi walked over.

"What's the matter Toad? Scared of the ball?"


"Well, c'mon, maybe Mario can help ya."

"Okay." Just then, a flyball hit Toad in the 'nuts'. He fell down, and his eyes watered up. Yoshi ran off screaming.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! TOAD'S DEAD!" Yoshi screamed. "Hey.... Maybe Peach can help him!"

And with that, our attention turns to Princess Toadstool... in another story..

'To Be Continued'

"I hate that. It's so mario Fan Fiction cliched..." Yoshi groaned as he walked off. "I'm better off watching the ending of Soul Reaver...."

"Did some call me?" Raziel from the said game appeared.


Well, now we have Peach, Wario, Toad, Luigi and Wario and Waluigi to go (Wario and Waluigi will have the same story, paired together.) Hope you like my strange, yet short fics.

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