The Story About Nothing- Peach's and Luigi's Stories
Written by VelvetDark007

Disclaimer- Metal Gear Solid is (c) Konami, and the Game Boy Color is (c) Nintendo. All characters are (c) their respective companies, and the store owner in Peach's part is (c) me (His name is Jyou, do the math), and Princess Daisy is (c) Nintendo. Enjoy.

Princess Peach walked down the street, playing Game Boy Color's 'Metal Gear Solid', while blowing bubble gum.

"AWWW!!! The guards spotted me!" Peach yelled in frustation. She started swearing like Solid Snake most of the time. Her bodyguard, Rain Booster came running up to her.

"Are you all right, my royalty?" She asked. Peach turned her head and stared.

"What do YOU think Rain?" Well, the two walked along, then they both got thirsty.

"Gosh, I'm thirsty. Let's go to that convenuence store and get a soda." Peach said, holstering her Game Boy Color in her pocket. Rain opened up the door for her master and the store owner took notice.

"Ahhh! Princess Toadstool! What would you like today?" Jyou, the owner asked. Peach thought.

"I'd like a hot dog, and perhaps a grape soda. Anything for you, Rain?"

"I'd like a grape drink also." Rain said back, looking at some magazines. Peach walked over to the hot dog stand to look at the rolling dogs.

"Rain, could you go see where Mario is? We were going out on a date tonight."

"Yes, my royalty." She walked off, then Jyou was held up by Bowser in a tutu!

"Hands up, shroom! Hand over the cash!"

"Oh! Peach! Get kidnapped for me please!" Jyou yelped as he was being held up. Peach, on the other hand, had her hair stuck in the hot dog machine.

"HEY! I've got troubles of my own right now! Oh boy, this is gonna get worse, before it gets better...." She groaned, trying to get her hair out.

Now then, lets see what Luigi is up to eh?

Luigi was finishing up eating his pizza with Mario.

"Heya Mario, I gotta go see Daisy today. I promised her we'd go to a movie." Luigi said, writing a check for the lunch. Mario tilted his head.

"Which-ah movie-ah?" Mario asked. Luigi looked embarrassed.

"Bambi- Special Edition." Mario tried to stiffle laughter. Luigi was looking embarrassed.

"It's not my fault! I wanted to see 'X-Men the Movie!', but she wanted to see Bambi!" He groaned. He then realized the whole store heard. They all laughed.

"This is gonna be a long day...." He groaned again, walking out. He saw Daisy.

"Hiya Luigi! Wanna go see the movie?"

"As long as it isn't...."

"Wanna see X-Men? Bambi was sold out, sadly." Daisy interrupted. Luigi perked up.

"Mama Mia! Sure!" The two loveshrooms walked off for the cinema together. Well, they got there and sat down. Daisy cuddled next to Luigi.

"It's so cozy..." She said. Luigi was oblivious, watching the preview for 'Tomb Raider- The Movie'.

"Angelina Jolie is cute..." He drooled. Daisy sat up.

"Preitter than me?" She pouted. Luigi flailed his arms.

"Of course not, Daisy!"

"Good. Let's watch the movie."

And with that.... the two sat throught the movie, and went off to a nice dinner at Yo'ster's Isle. I wonder what is going on with Toad, Wario and Waluigi?

To be Continued.....
Stay tuned for the LAST part, Toad, Wario and Waluigi (W and W are together BTW). Enjoy!- VD007

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