The Story About Nothing- Final Parts
Written by VelvetDark007

A/N- Last one. Toad and then Wario/Waluigi. After this it's time to move on to my new project... "The Legend of Shroogoon" (Don't ask, just wait.)- VD007

Toad's Part-

Toad lay there, shivering. He waited for someone to come, but who better than his own niece, Doutrio? He tried to become invisible, but it wouldn't work.

"Heya Uncle Toad! What happened? Didja shroomhood get whacked?" She asked. Toad, now forgetting his pain, jumped up and shrilled.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He took off across the baseball field, with Doutrio trailing behind.

"Come back, Uncle Toad!" They ran for hours (oooh! Hours, long time!), okay, maybe 12 minutes before Toad wiped out on the pavement, with his neice dogpiling on top of him. She giggled.

"Can we do that again?"



"Doutrio, don't you have to go to Mallow's house for that huge pool party?"

"Oh yeah! By the way, he wanted me to letcha know, that everyone was invited.. I told Mario and the others. I just need you to tell Wario and Waluigi!" Toad's face fell, and he sunk into the ground, and popped back up.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAA???" He cried, arms flailng.

"Nahhh... I'll do it. You go get your swim trunks." Toad breathed a sigh of relief and walked away.

Now, let's see what Wario and his buddy Waluigi are doing.

Wario and Waluigi's Part-

"Wario.... I'm thristy!" Waluigi whined. Wario whacked him on the head.

"Oh for!!!!! We are going to a pool party! Toad's niece told us about it! Now c'mon! Maybe we can steal some sunscreen (And I can hit on Rain some more)..." Wario grumbled. Waluigi was happy.

"Cool!" They both were now walking down Baker's Street when they saw something falling out of the sky. Wario screamed for dear life.


"No it isn't! It's Boshi!" Waluigi pointed out. And with a resounding 'WHACK', Boshi fell on top of Wario, flattening him to the ground. Wario whined, and walked away.

"Where are we going now Wario?" Waluigi asked again. Wario groaned.

"Need I say it again?"


"Good." Now, they headed for the party, which they accessed, via a warp-hole. And guess what? Everyone was there! Mario and Peach, this was their date, Toad and Doutrio were there, and so was Rain, Yoshi and Luigi and Daisy. Wario grabbed a donut, with Waluigi having a tiki drink.

"'Tis the life eh, Waluigi?"

"You said it Wario!"

The two kinked glasses and donut together, and smiled.

The End
What a lousy way to end a 4 part series eh? Well, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! BTW, if you want to use Rain or Doutrio, do e-mail me at- cause I don't want anyone stealing them. Okay, enough ranting, bye bye!- VD007

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