The Story About Nothing- Yoshi's Part
Written by Velvet Dark 007

Disclaimer- Mario isn't mine. But Rain Booster and Doturio are mine. So there, nyahh... oh wait, bad author's edicted (sic!). Enjoy peeps!- VD007

One day, Mario was walking along and he saw a comic laying on the ground. He picked it up, only to find it 'Tomb Raider- The Comic Series'.

"YEACH! Lara isa PIG! Joanna-ah is-ah better!" He said, but like a horryfiying car crash, he couldn't stop reading. He turned the page, to see Lara in a swimsuit.

"I wonder-ah what Peach-ah would look like-ah int hat suit?" He pondered, then he got an image so creepy, even and I can't say it here. But I'll say it was Bowser. Mario shriked and dunked his head in Holy Water.

"Mama Mia! That was-ah AWFUL! I will never-ah picture that-ah again!" He said to himself. Just then, the Chancellor and Peach's Bodyguard Rain Booster came running up.

"HEY! BOYFRIEND TO THE ROYALTY! YOU UN-HOLIED THE HOLY WATER!!!" Rain shouted like Inferno from 'Beast Wars.' Mario took off with his comic and ran.

"This comic-ah! It bad LUCK-AH!" He said, tossing it in the ravine. He sighed and walked into DAD's Pizzariea, where Luigi was waiting.

"Heya Mario! What took ya so long?" Luigi asked, eating some manacotti. Mario slumped in his chair and said back.

"You don't wanna know."

"THAt bad eh?" Luigi said with disdain. "I thought I'd be like the time where you looked at Peach's..."

"DON'T START-AH WITH THAT-AH AGAIN!" Mario said aloud. He crammed a slice of Green peppered pizza in his mouth and smiled.

"I wonder-ah what Yoshi is doing-ah?" He though.

The End.... or is it?
Short huh? Don't worry, Part Two of my crazy series is coming... next is Yoshi, then Peach and Rain, then Toad, Wario and Waluigi. Errrrrmmm... Byeee!- VD007

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