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Every website as people who work on it, this one is no exception.  However, officially, there's only one staff member here, the Eishtmo.  The rest are honorary staff members and Archive Members.


Name:  "The Eishtmo" Quinn Lazerus
Age:  Eternal, more or less.
Favorite Fighter:  Hercules Assault Fighter
Job at the Archive:  I'm judge, jury and executioner of this web page.  All stories, articles, news pieces and site updates go through me.  Why?  Because this is my brain child, and I'm not going to let someone else screw it up.
Stories Written:  Freespace:  The Great War, Neo-Hammer of Light 2: Return of the Eishtmo, Neo-Hammer of Light 3:  Legacy of the Eishtmo, Terran Imperium:  Empires Dawn
Favorite Quote:  Why is there always a quote on these things?  Oh well, here's mine:  "I know there is a method, but all I see is the madness."


Name:  PeachE
Age:  As old and as young as my thoughts, emotions and nature
Favorite Fighter:  Valkyrie
Stories Written:  Terran Pride, Neo-Hammer of Light 3:  Legacy of the Eishtmo, Terran Imperium:  Empires Dawn
Favorite Quote:  "Sure I am of this, that you have only to endure to conquer. You have only to persevere to save yourselves." - Sir Winston Churchill
Second Favorite Quote:  "Some people never come to realize their full potential. I have realized mine, and am called mad because of it." - PeachE
Staff Notes:  Apparently he has no real name.  No biggy, neither do I.

Name:  Phil Loustaunau, a.k.a. Rake
Age:  18
Favorite Fighter:  Serapis
Stories Written:  Beyond Laramis
Favorite Quote:  "What we do in life... echoes in eternity." Russel Crowe, Gladiator
Whatever:  FreeSpace rocks, even more then Descent does, but no game I've ever played even approaches Uprising. To hell with BattleZone, go get Uprising!!! Hurry!!!!! Right now!!!! Get moving you slow piece of ****!!!!!
Staff Notes:  Clam down Rake, I'll do it, I swear.

Name:  Al "Alhazred" Soloman
Age:  275, give or take 20 (shut up Eishtmo)
Favorite Fighter:  Pegasus
Stories Written:  FS2- Alliances, Final Fantasy 8- A Sorceress Remembers (posted at Rocket Town), Legacy of Kain: Pillar of Destiny {posted at}
The Mad Arab's sci-fi philosophy corner: Have you ever asked who you are? How about 'what do you want?" Here's some advice. Ask who you are first.
Favorite Quote:  "Have you ever wondered why there are so many dead worlds out there, let me tell you why. It's because despite the best advice from people who know what they are talking about, other people insist on doing the most massively stupid things." ---Galen, Crusade
Staff Notes:  Hey, just because you're a youngster doesn't mean you have to get defensive.

Name:  Eric Tramel AKA Strsge0101
Age:  14
Favorite Fighter:  Hercules MK II
Stories Written:  The Tale of the Armigrad, The Flash (TA fanfic-I don't remember if thats what the title was, its been 2 years, and it has been waxed from my hard drive) 
Favorite Quote:  "It proliferates what I hate."
Whatever:  -You know you play Freespace too much if: You're me!- 
Staff Notes:  Or me for that matter.  Or any of the other writers here.

Name:  Titan
Age:  15
Favorite Fighter:  Gotta be the Hercules
Stories Written:  Freespace:  Independance
Favorite Quote:  "Going in hot!"
Special:  My favourite way to kill a Shivan is by taking out his engines and then blowing him up with a Harbinger Bomb.
Staff Notes:  A Harbinger?  Talk about overkill.

Name:  Killer Instinct
Age:  12
Favorite Fighter:  Hercules MKII
Stories Written:  Celafices:  A Wonder In the Making
Special:  I like killing Shivans with Harbingers too!
Favorite Quote:  "I love a good dogfight."
Staff Notes:  I can only hope he doesn't want me to change the quote again.

Name:  Matt, the one and only
Age:  15
Favorite Fighter:  GTF Apollo (gotta love the classics)
Stories Written:  GTT Dimensional Rift
Favorite Quote:  "How do they get the ink in to these thinks?" - inside the PHBoss's brain
Special:  Just remember the penguins are coming just remember it. If I was one of those shallow people who thought you would care what my favorite flavor of bacon is I would put it up here but I know one thing you don't every one's an idiot who could care less plus you are probably boring to. 
Staff Notes:  Penguins?

I am not responsible for the use or misuse of information on this or anyother website.  I am not taking credit for the story in Descent:  Freespace The Great War.  I have just extrapolated a story from the plot and created this concept.  I do not plan to sell it and do not pretend to know more than I do.  In other words:  PLEASE DONíT SUE ME! All this neat Freespace stuff is the copyright of Interplay Inc. and Volition Inc. and not mine, I just like playing with it.  Anything submitted to the Archive is mine to do with as I please.  If you don't like it, don't submit anything, alright?  Read main disclaimer for more.  My lawyer loves it when I write this stuff in small print.