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Story Criteria

I love a good story.  Unfortuantly, many stories aren't good.  So, we've had to develop a criteria for stories.  Think of these more as guidelines than rules, and remember, we have the final say.

1. Make your work easy to read. Among other things, that means using the Enter key every
once in a while.

2. Vulgarity will be tolerated, just don't overdo it okay?

3. Please, please run a spell check before submitting. We'll post the stories as they are recieved,  so if you don't want to look like an idiot. . .

4. No 133t speak! If I (Eishtmo) see 133t speak, I will reject the story. If you insist on using it,
you better have a damn good reason.

5. We will review your story (well, at least Eishtmo will). Be ready for a bad review, it will
happen. Use it to your advantage, nothing says you can't re-submit.

6. All critism should be taken with a grain of salt. If someone gives you a terrible review, don't
get all mad about it. If we hear that you've been harassing people about it, we not only pull the
story, but ban you from submitting ever again. Understood?

7. If you want your story pulled, just e-mail Eishtmo and we'll be happy to do it.  However, please be nice about it.  People who are mean will be mocked and ridiculed as well as having their story removed and being banned from the Archive.

8. If you have a long, multiple chapter story, please try your best to finish it. There have been
many stories that simply died because the author never finished them, try not to do the same,

9. If there is a scene change, please use something to indicate it like stars or a line or
something. It will make it easier on all of us.

10.  Please send stories a text or zip file.  Please make sure it is either a TXT or RTF (rich text format) format.  I don't have the most current software, and I'm not planning on getting it anytime soon.  Thank you.

11. We reserve the right to reject any story submitted, based on any of the above criteria and for any other reason we can think of.

In essence, put some time into your work, and show that you care about it. 

I am not responsible for the use or misuse of information on this or anyother website.  I am not taking credit for the story in Descent:  Freespace The Great War.  I have just extrapolated a story from the plot and created this concept.  I do not plan to sell it and do not pretend to know more than I do.  In other words:  PLEASE DONíT SUE ME! All this neat Freespace stuff is the copyright of Interplay Inc. and Volition Inc. and not mine, I just like playing with it.  Anything submitted to the Archive is mine to do with as I please.  If you don't like it, don't submit anything, alright?  Read main disclaimer for more.  My lawyer loves it when I write this stuff in small print.