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Leader For the Shivans
by:  James "Ice-wolf" Moores

Preview:  Wolfe stood in front of the large board. “This is the Ikeya System, and as you know we’re planning something bold.” 

          A man walked down a long dark hallway, small lights shine up at him from the grating. The camera slowly pans up from his feet. He continues to walk. 

          Flash back to first scene, continue Wolfe’s speech. “The capture of the Shivan cruiser Taranis.” 

          The figure continues walking down the hall.  The camera reaches his chest, he is wearing a grey uniform, and the captains insignia can be easily seen. Many ribbons are displayed on his chest. He continues to walk, the lights illuminate him and then he passes into darkness, just to be illuminated again by the next. 

          Wolfe continues “But were not going to let that happen.” 

          The man stops at a door. Switch to view inside of the door. There is a puff of smoke as the door slowly opens. The figure is hidden by darkness. He draws a single sword, and steps into the light. Samuel Morrison. 

          Space is drawn out, Terran and Vasudan ships attack in a single wave against a group of Shivan ships, and one Shivan Cain cruiser. A voice is overlaid against the action, as ships move back and forth, firing at each other.

          “In a war against an unstoppable enemy.” There's a pause, as an Ulysses, seeming out of place, fires a missile into a Shivan ship, the Scorpion explodes close to the camera. 

          “Legends will become reality.” 

          Vo’tion and Sam stand just inside a strange alien craft a massive blast of light fills the screen.

          “Two men” 

          Sam reaches out and shakes Vo’tion’s hand. 

          “Will put aside their differences, and work together.....” 

          Cron’is moves through a door and looks down at Sam. 

          “.... and discover the power they need.....” 

          Sam and Vo’tion run down the corridor of a Orion Destroyer. It rocks to one side sending the two men flying into the wall.  Sparks fly as the lights go dead. 

          “ save their two races.” 

          The words ‘Samuel Morrison’ flash onto the screen 

          “Samuel Morrison” The voice says. 

          Samuel Morrison stands on a desert world, he removes his sword, wind whips back his hair. “Let’s finish this.” He says. 

          The words ‘Tak’eye Vo’tion’ Appear. 

          “Tak’eye Vo’tion” 

          Vo’tion puts out his hand to Sam. “I believe that this is the proper Terran greeting.” 

          The words ‘Cron’is come up on the screen. 

          “And Cron’is” 

          The mighty Shivan moves out his dual glowing blades. His arm moved back a small bit as they slid out. “Yes, time to end it.” 

          Ships fly across the screen, missiles flow like water. 

          “From writer James Moores, comes...” 

          Samuel Morrison jumps off the side of a grey room. He slides his sword into the holographic image. 

          “Based on ‘Descent FreeSpace - The Great War’, created by Volition Inc.” 

          Sam jumps and Cron’is rushes in to meet him. Their is an explosion and from the flames is left the words ‘Leader for the Shivans’ 

          “Leader.... for the Shivans” 

          A man wearing a dark black suit smiles. “This is barely the beginning.”

NOTE:  Yes, that was the orginal trailer, with some corrections to grammer and spelling.  Trust me, it was necessary.  All the Chapter links below are to the orginal story site, and you can continue from there.  Anyways, for those of you who want it, here's the main page of the site where this story, and it's sequels can be found:  James Moores' Leader For the Shivans

  • Episode 1 - The Defector
  • Episode 2 - Kobayashi-narlu
  • Episode 3 - Return of the Hunter
  • Episode 4 - Destiny
  • Episode 5 - Tears of Blood
  • Episode 6 - Yami-Auqushinaqu
  • Episode 7 - Temple of the Ancients
  • Episode 8 - Olympians
  • Episode 9 - Cry of the Sparrow
  • Episode 10 - Triton Dynamics
  • Episode 11 - Showdown
  • Episode 12 - Legacy

  • I am not responsible for the use or misuse of information on this or anyother website.  I am not taking credit for the story in Descent:  Freespace The Great War.  I have just extrapolated a story from the plot and created this concept.  I do not plan to sell it and do not pretend to know more than I do.  In other words:  PLEASE DON’T SUE ME! All this neat Freespace stuff is the copyright of Interplay Inc. and Volition Inc. and not mine, I just like playing with it.  Anything submitted to the Archive is mine to do with as I please.  If you don't like it, don't submit anything, alright?  Read main disclaimer for more.  My lawyer loves it when I write this stuff in small print.