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Leader For the Shivans 3:
Journy From Dunwitch Hill,
Red Skies
by:  James "Ice-wolf" Moores

Preview:        A Shivan lies dying on a cot. A second Shivan stands over him.  “When you return, So will the Leader for the Shivans.”  The Shivan dies. Flash of light, words come up on the screen.

        “From the Creator of Leader for the Shivans, and Leader for the Shivans 2” 

        David walks over to a Comm. unit. A voice comes out of it.  “Sir, Capella has been destroyed. The shock-wave will reach us in two hours.”  Another flash. Then more words. 

        “James Moores” 

        David is on the bridge.  “What if we combined the beam cannons, we can ride the wave like a surfer.”  An officer says. David nods.  The bridge is exploding, and lights are going dead, a voice begins. 

        “Beyond known space...” 

        David looks up. “Where the Hell are we?” 

        “Beyond known time...” 

        An ensign turns around at his post; “… it’s thirty two years old!” 

        “Because when the Darkness Returns…” 

        Swords fly, as a Vasudan and a man in a long black cloak fight. 

        “So…” A Shivan smashes his dual blades into another, sending the Shivan flying.

        “Does…” A Commander whips out dual pistols and opens fire. 

        “Prophecy!”  A tall woman stands holding a Katana blade. Wind flies past her and whips up the sand around her feet. 

        Ships fly, as a battle breaks out.  The man in the black cloak is standing before a Shivan.  The Camera pans away from a GTI Instillation.  Words come up on the screen: 

        “Leader for the Shivans” Fire explodes as “3” comes up behind it. 

        Words begin to fade in. 

        “Journey From Dunwitch Hill.” 

        A Hecate class destroyer flies through space. 

        “The lost Generation needs a new Hero.” Appears on the screen. 

        “Coming Soon.” Appears under it. 

        The screen goes black. 

NOTE:  This was the orginal trailer for LFTS 3: Red Skies.  For those of you who want it, here's the main page of the site where this story, and it's sequels can be found:  James Moores' Leader For the Shivans


I am not responsible for the use or misuse of information on this or anyother website.  I am not taking credit for the story in Descent:  Freespace The Great War.  I have just extrapolated a story from the plot and created this concept.  I do not plan to sell it and do not pretend to know more than I do.  In other words:  PLEASE DON’T SUE ME! All this neat Freespace stuff is the copyright of Interplay Inc. and Volition Inc. and not mine, I just like playing with it.  Anything submitted to the Archive is mine to do with as I please.  If you don't like it, don't submit anything, alright?  Read main disclaimer for more.  My lawyer loves it when I write this stuff in small print.