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Electric Shutdown


ahh! Terror strikes again in Toonville. A lighting storm has blew out the power! And you can't find your batteries! On top of that, you and your friends made a plan to play a game of paintball. So instead. you call each other. But your friend, Buddy, figures out you can play! It will be even harder! You stumble around your house as does everyone else, to find stuff. You all end to find the same stuff. You decide to get a flashlight, but when you get to the store there is only one left. You buy it, but on your way out, you stumble and let go of it. Here is how you get the flashlight: You time for 4 mins. Anybody with over 15 hits can not win. There are 4 corners. The person nearest to each corner stays there. You then Roll an 8 sided die for 4 people, a 6 sided die for 3 people and a flip of a coin for two. That person get's the flashlight, revealing the entire map.