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Oh my gosh! Someone has been killing people massivly! Here is how you play. Each person writes their a letter on a peice of paper, folds it up, and puts it in a hat or something. Then one player picks a letter out. He announces it, and that is the killer. First, each person receives $2,000, and $500 more for each time they find a clue and a $100 when they escape from the killer. Each time, a player may choose to run, catch, hide or set trap. (No security camera's or Kodak Camera's please) When someone hides, everyone must close thier eyes. The person then writes were they are (You must hide in a building, so say which one and what floor, and what room.) one a peice of paper, and puts it in a hat. Once the person has hid, he is currently out of the game. When everryone has hid, the killer will strike. Because the killer wrote on his peice of paper "I'm out for you, in (name of building) the (name of floor) at the (left or right wing.)" Then one person takes out all the entries. If someone matches what the killer wrote on his card, they are dead. Also, when the killer hides, he will insert another peice of paper (So don't look in the hat) saying where a clue is. The clue will contain something about the person character, characteristics, something they like, or a red herring (a false clue.) No more more than 5 red herrings can be played. The remaining person will have to catch the criminal. He/she will set a trap. Then he/she will hide, with the villians eyes closed. The villian will then have 2 mins to search. If not found, the villain will have to go home, and the person can set another trap. IF the villian walks over the trap (To make sure nobody is cheating, the trap setter will write the location of the trap) BUT! IF the villain finds the person, he/she will die and the murderer will win the game.