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Virtual Adepts

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Note Prospective GMs can email me and get the information on Pedagogue's offline identity as well as the brick and mortar Chantry building


Online. They communicate through IM chats or email chains. Private chat room also used for Chantry meetings.
The Pedagogue and one trusted Deacon (online name Fortune_58) know everyone and are known by all. Everyone else only knows the person directly above and below them on the email chain


Weasel_69is the mysterious Pedagogue of this Chantry. Even the Pedagogues of the other Chantries don't know his offline identity
It is only known that he is an adult male. He always seems to be online and available whenever anyone needs to talk to him. His communications are abrupt, surly, and authoritative.

Sphere :Correspondence


Computer All Spheres
Electricity Forces
Network Prime/Spirit