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Sons of Ether

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Crumbling cottage behind Canton Hospital. It is also contained in a maze of rooms under the hospital, including the sublevel labs of the Pedagogue.
They are very secretive and solitary. The Pedagogue and Deacons are mostly absentminded genius types. Often known to ask you what time it is, followed closely by what day of the week!
They certainly don't allow many visitors.
If they want you, they'll let you know, but don't hold your breath!


Dr. Wilhelm Frinklestein
Jewish mad scientist who is never seen without his yarmulke and rumpled lab coat. He is very orderly and calm, if a little befuddled.


Professor Patrick Flatrick
Lives in the cottage to keep people out.
Absentminded professor who works with plants as a hobby. He is a hermit who is really quite mad.
Stumpy little man, stout, with scraggly beard and hair.

Sphere :Matter


Abacus Correspondence/ Entropy
Electricity Life/ Prime
Ether Goggles Mind/ Spirit
Scientific Meter Forces/ Matter/ Time