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Order of Hermes

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Main Library
Main St


Large medieval castle with stained glass windows. Musty and dark with high shelves lined with massive old tomes. Other than small bestsellerís section in the back, the books are old, musty, and piled everywhere. Silent librarians walk silently around, going about their business largely unnoticed. Quiet as a tomb.
Behind large glass doors next to the librarianís desk there is a large TL7 computer lab.
Library proper staffed, run, and patronized by Sleepers and Mages alike. Even a Technomancer or two has been seen browsing the bestsellers section.
The Chantry proper is an extensive maze of catacombs under the library that were placed there during a recent renovation. It is a better puzzle than the maze of the Minotaur.


Marianne Teasdy - Head Librarian


Marvin La Rue - CEO
Tina Marylin - Human Resources

Frances Marern - Reference librarian (Male)
Timothy Mack - Reporter

Note No one outside the Chantry (except local Pedagogue members of the Informal Pedagogue Alliance formed to beat Hades [Oracle of the Underworld] after recent discovery of minor artifacts.) Knows anything about this Chantry. The Order embodies Secrecy. Complex numerology and Astrological formulae make their Magick unintelligible to other Traditions. They have their own language (Hermean) and only allow members once a year. This is the most rigidly organized Tradition.

Sphere :Forces


Circle Spirit
Hermean Language All (including those with other Foci)
Seal of Solomon Forces/ Prime
Showstone Mind/ Time